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Technical Data:

-Size N,LR1,Alkaline (Zn-MnO2) Battery

-Nominal Voltage:1.5V


-Shelf Life:5years

-Application: alarm clock,calculator,remote control, medical apparatus,etc.

-Certificate: CE, RoHS, MSDS,etc
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Quick Details
Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China                                                   Average weight: 9.20~9.50g
Brand Name: Micropower                                                            Height: 29.5~29.7mm
Model Number: LR1/N/AM5                                                        Diameter: 10.9~12.0mm
Battery Type: Zn/KOH-H2O/MnO2                                              Jacket: Foil Label                                                    
Nominal Voltage: 1.5V                                                                 Delivery time: 3-20days                                         
Supply Ability: 5000000PCS/Year                                               Shelf life: 5years                                                     

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 Widely used for Electric toys, Mouse, Sphygmomanometer, Electric door lock, Flashlight, Remote Control, etc.

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     Q1: How do we place an order?
      A1: Please kindly send us an email specifying the item, quantity, color or other specification to place an order.

    Q2: How do we make the payment?
     A2: We accept  Western Union, TT, LC, Please do only pay to the official account.

    Q3: What's the delivery time?
     A3: The delivery time is normally 3-7 working days after payment.

    Q4: How would the goods be shipped?
     A4: We ship via DHL, UPS, TNT and by sea normally.

    Q5: Is OEM/ODM available?
     A5: Yes, it's available. The OEM MOQ is 100,000pcs. For details, please kindly contact the salespersons.

    Q6: What's the warranty for the purchased items?
     A6: 5 years
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Microcell International Battery Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of batteries in China for about 20 years. Our Company has passed the evaluation of ISO9001:2008 international quality systems certification.

MICROPOWER brand has been successfully established and highly recognized in the domestic market as well as abroad. 

Hot sale super alkaline battery LR1 N dry cell for the electronic toy is one of our main products, hot sale all over the world.

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